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"Birth is a right of passage in every culture that conveys the core values of that culture.
It enacts and displays them." -Robbie Davis-Floyd, medical anthropologist

Miss Margaret

Miss Margaret

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Miss Margaret lived all her life in Eutaw, Alabama, first as a sharecropper in the cotton fields and then as a highly regarded midwife. She attended over 3,500 home births and never lost a mother. There were times she delivered four babies a night. Prayer and motherwit were the main tools in her birth bag. "They know what they've got to do," she said, "if you know how to talk to them. Give 'em love and kind words. That beats it all."

Birth as We Know ItBirth as We Know It

This special educational edition was tailored for educators, midwives and physicians. It features two formats: a 40 min. film ideal for presentations and a 20 min. film which gives a brief, gentle yet powerful introduction to the world and nature of Concsious Birth.

Birth Into BeingBirth Into Being

Russian Spiritual Midwife, Tatiana Sarguna and her filmmaker husband recorded five totally natural waterbirths. Original footage takes us on a breathtaking expedition to witness two families birthing the Black Sea. They bring us into their home to see two of their daughters being born in a handmade clear birthing pool. Scenes of children and babies swimming with dolphins will delight and amaze audiences of all ages.

Born In WaterBorn in Water:
a Sacred Journey

This video is a classic. It captures the intensity of birth, the love, the need for patience, tenderness, trust and the ability to work through the emotions which make a woman feel, “I can’t do this anymore.” Jennifer Gallardo is a natural teacher and an exemplary midwife who is still in love with her work after over 1,000 births in the center and eight of her own.


Home Birth StoriesHomebirth Stories

Three couples share their homebirth stories. They present their deliberations and personal conclusion that homebirth is the most favorable birthing option. The movie shows various choices, including waterbirth, squatting, the use of a birthing stool, and more.

Laboring Under an IllusionLaboring Under an Illusion

Anthropologist Vicki Elson explores media-generated myths about childbirth. As a childbirth educator for 25 years, she observes daily how our culture affects our birth experiences. In this film, Elson contrasts fiction with reality. The result is hilarious, engaging, and enlightening.

Birth of Sabine, TheThe Birth of Sabine

The Birth of Sabine shows us the excitement and anticipation of a mom's first pregnancy. The story follows Stephanie and James from the positive pregnancy test, prenatal visits with their midwife, a belly cast and the unexpected surprise of her water breaking days before labor begins. Sabine's parents are shown making decisions and using natural methods of induction up until the day they are (gratefully!) in labor.

First Hour of LifeFirst Hour of Life

Dr. Marshall Klaus, co-founder of the Doula movement, has studied infant bonding and newborns for over forty years. Now, Italian film-makers have combined an interview with Dr. Klaus and footage from four home births. This profound and simple video should be required viewing for all parents, obstetricians, nurses, and childbirth educators.


Birth Day

Birth Day is a documentary exquisitely capturing the beauty of a natural home birth in the lush mountain coutryside of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Taped by the baby's grandfather, Georges Vinaver and narrated by the baby's mother, midwife Naoli Vinaver Lopez, we are treated to the birth of this family's third child and first daughter, Tamaya Okumura Vinaver.

Attending BirthAttending Birth

In Attending Birth, four wise doctors, two nurses, one lactation specialist, many beautiful mothers and babies all point the way to satisfying, healthy, drug-free birth.

This is a two disc set.

1. Home Birth: The Spirit, The Science and The Mother.

2. Evidence Based Child Birth

Baby Oh BabyBaby Baby Oh Baby

One sure way to reduce anxiety about how to hold and interact happily with a baby is to learn infant massage. David Stark's video is a superb demonstration of ancient massage techniques. Each part of the baby's body is addressed. We learn about "Still Touch," "Stretches" and much more. One chapter titled "Just Music and Babies" treats us to gorgeous images of babies being massaged by their mommies and daddies.

Birth DialogueBirth Dialogue

Miri and Amit completely and perfectly capture the months leading up to their home birth in a fast paced city where most women give birth in the hospital with an epidural. Exactly what is needed, love and affection, and what is not needed, fear and lots of baby stuff, becomes apparent as these experienced filmmakers take us on an intimate journey towards the birth of their first child. This film is witty, profound and absolutely delightful.

Birth of a FamilyBirth of a Family

Christina and Nielsen van Duijn videotaped the births of their four children over a twelve year period. Christina is passionate about wanting women to be empowered by their birth experience. With the help of Frank Ferrel, ("Birth Day") the story of this family's birth unfolds through laughter, joy, tears and children.

Dukas DilemmaDukas Dilemma

Personal and intimate, the film follows the drama of a couple in Hamar, Southern Ethiopia when the husband marries a second wife.

Its My Body, My Baby, My BirthIts My Body, My Baby, My Birth

It's My Body, My Baby, my Birth is an educational childbirth film that tells the story of seven mothers and their emotional journeys to natural childbirth.We hear from mothers, partners, midwives and an obstetrician. Each woman's story is unique and powerful. Pain, safety, and fear are all addressed in this honest and compelling film. The beauty of birth is self-evident.

Pregnant in AmericaPregnant in America

This video explores the highs and lows of giving birth in the United States. It is wildly funny in parts and yet sobering when considering issues such as the misuse of drugs like Cytotec. We explore the Dutch system of birth. In the Netherlands, all birth related expenses whether in or out of the hospital are paid for by the government, including (our favorite!) two weeks of paid service from a midwife's assistant so the mother can bond with her baby.

We Know How To Do These ThingsWe Know How to Do These Things

For these villagers, giving birth is a family affair; while a young girl is in labor, the birth attendant, mother and mother-in-law alternate between lending a hand and story telling.